Change is the constant, and it’s slow

A Chinese city, rumors about wet markets, disgusting pictures of unfortunate animals in small cages. Stories about an elite eating wild animals of any species simply because they can afford it.
But it was far away, none of our problems. Change was not visible yet.

Do you remember those bright days in February?

Winter was nearly over, the promise of a new year, first signs of spring in the air.
Oh yes, the spring came – and how it came. Lockdowns, panic shopping, masks and malaria treatments. The world changed faster than ever in my lifetime. It felt like the globe spun two times faster every day.

Do you remember the slowing?

Spring came, masks went up and down, politicians forth and back, suddenly everything came to a halt. Staying at home became normal, the outside a dangerous wasteland – and I changed.
First slowly, not recognizable. It needed a while to realize that this is here to stay. And the changes will be permanent.

Do you remember summer?

Yes, there was a summer. It was warm, it was beautiful. And dry. California burned down, somewhere in the distance. Separated through a screen, a thin layer of glass, the world passed by.
The tonality of the discourse got hysterical. I drifted off, stopped trying to understand.
What for? Do I really want to understand every single utter madness people say?
I tried it for 50 years, obviously without any result.

I started to see. My colours. And my way into art again.
Started to see how I will get through and out of these situations, this clamp Corona had put on my brain.
It’s about change, constant change. As the plague changed the world in its days, Covid will do the same. It’s inevitable, it’s nature itself. We may can destroy our environment, but we can’t control nature.

Change is the constant, and it’s slow

Only a close look makes it visible, except of those rare times like the one we’re living in.

These slow changes I wanted to visualize.
Movement nearly frozen, slowed down to the edge of visibility.
Change so slow that it nearly hurts to watch,
a dance of fading and reappearing
transformation of shapes
reformation of structures.

I wanted to find the moment change happens
the moment autumn kisses summer goodbye
I guess I found it
for a moment in time

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