Englischer Garten sunrise in Munich
Dreamy view towards Monopteros

I started my journey into photography with an Agfa point & shoot pocket camera. I got it as a birthday present and I never forget the proud eight years old me making the first pictures with this thing.
And I never forget the disappointment in getting the first prints back from the lab. Hideous colours, washed out and blurry.

My first proper camera was a Pentax MX in 1979. Ok, to be honest, it was my Dad’s camera, but once I had my hands on it, he never got it back.
The purchase was made on Helgoland – the notorious German island well known for bomb tests, stormy sea, and tax-free electronics. This shiny marvel of Japanese 70ies ingenious glory came with a 50mm 1.7, full manual control and so much to discover for me.

From the very moment I developed the first sheet of photographic paper in our school lab, in this very moment, the ghostly image began to build, in this very brief moment between a blank sheet and a proper print I got lost to photography. And here I am after all these years.

I invite you to follow me on my journey to images, technology, and content, to share the ups and downs – and the joy.